Get to Know Your Speakers: Dustin Leer

1) What do you do for a living (company you work for, official title, daily responsibilities, etc.)?
Currently I am a freelance designer/front-end developer. I work on independent projects from clients who are either referenced to me or have contacted me directly. My official title is Creative Mastermind and I am in charge of almost everything since I work primarily alone, though I do try to team up with other creatives and developers from time to time.

2) How did you get into WordPress?
I got into WordPress about 3 years ago thanks to George Stephanis who gently shoved me in that direction. At the time I was primarily using Squarespace to complete client web projects.

3) What’s a great experience you had at a WordCamp?
It was my first WordCamp and Matt Mullenweg came to WordCamp Philly 2013. It was super awesome meeting him and then hanging out with all the people from that years WordCamp, it really opened my eyes up to what and who makes up the WordPress community!

4) What are your non-WordPress, non-Computer related hobbies?
I like to do Olympic Style Lifting, so yes I like to pick things up and put them down. I also love to spend time with my 2 year old son who loves climbing all over me like I am some sort of tree.

5) If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
I would be be Batman because you should always be yourself unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman. Plus he has some awesome gadgets/toys!