Get to Know Your Speakers: Kerch McConlogue

hXZnuQJd1) What do you do for a living (company you work for, official title, daily responsibilities, etc.)?
I own my own web design/development company. So I do it all–mostly for small businesses and a couple of nonprofits. But in the past I was an artist, a coach for adults with ADHD and I produced BIG events. Like the Baltimore City Fair: National entertainment, fireworks, rides, the works. I also traveled 16 days with the Carson and Barnes Circus across the state of Maryland.

2) How did you get into WordPress?
I paid $1000 for my first website 1995. The second one, in 1999, I figured I could do myself. Started with a book and Note Pad. Around 2002 or so, at a business building event, the speaker mentioned BLOGS. I was one of a half dozen out of 100 who raised hands to say we had them. Mine was at Blogger; I really had no idea what to do with it–but I had one. My first WordPress installation started in 2005 with version 1.5. I really don’t remember exactly how I first found out about it, but I added the blog function to my existing website. And the rest, as they say, is history.

3) What’s a great experience you had at a WordCamp?
I think the best was at my first WordCamp in Boston (2011 I think). I realized that the crowd was not all 20-something goth men. I found plenty of “women of an age.” I was also surprised to see how much I did know, and how many people even I could explain stuff to.

4) What are your non-WordPress, non-Computer related hobbies?
We’re working on restoring a ’58 MGA and assorted other little British sports cars. I get to “hold a lot of stuff for a second.” But having sewed a great deal in my life I have a bigger part in the reupholstering the seats in that car and a ’67 Sunbeam Alpine. The Alpine we take on long trips. Besides that I love to buy plants (sometimes I even get them in the ground!) I’m sorting thru old family records, sewing and reading crappy mysteries. Oh yea.. and Pinterest!
5) If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?
I’d like to be any fictional character who talks to ghosts! I just think that would be cool.