Get to Know Your Speakers: George Stephanis

George Stephanis1) What do you do for a living (company you work for, official title, daily responsibilities, etc.)

I work for Automattic, leading the team that builds the Jetpack plugin! 🙂

2) How did you get into WordPress?

I got into WordPress in depth around 2011 while freelancing — I was looking for a way to give back to the community and software project that had made my life so much easier.

3) What’s a great experience you had at a WordCamp?

While at the contributor day following WordCamp Philly 2011 — my very first WordCamp — Nacin merged in my first changeset to core, which I think was converting three sequential periods `…` into an ellipses `…` entity.

4) What are your non-WordPress, non-Computer related hobbies?

I enjoy woodworking and letterpress printing.

5) If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?

Probably Gilad Pellaeon, from the old Star Wars Extended Universe.  While he was an officer in the Imperial Navy and later the Imperial Remnants, he wasn’t evil, but rather an advocate for order, peace, and providing as best as could be managed for all the citizens under his purview.

Yes, I’m picking a Star Wars character, and no, this decision was in no way influenced by Joe.